Our team

Angelika Dudová



Angelika worked for many years in the field of advertising and IT, where she was in charge of business development for innovation and development of startups. She is honored to work with great people at Uneeqly who are leaders in their field and move Uneeqly forward with them every day.

Ctibor Duda


Ctibor has been in the IT field since he was 14, when he sold his first application. At Uneeqly, he ensures the right technological direction and development management so that our application works as it should and all users, including himself, can fully use it.

Ing. Jana Olšáková


At Uneeqly, Jana takes care of the company's back office. Thanks to previous work experience in the field of finance, logistics, team management and projects, she coordinates and "chases" her colleagues at work in order to ensure the smooth running of the company both internally and towards customers.

Eva Michajluková, DiS

Social network


Eva worked for several years in marketing for various companies. At Uneeqly, she mainly takes care of social networks and puts together tips for trips where users can indulge in experiences and discounts. What she likes about the application is that it opens up new possibilities for entrepreneurs thanks to digitalization.



Veronika takes care of Uneeqly's customers and maintains a friendly relationship with them. She communicates with customers regarding renewal of existing notices, discounts and loyalty programs. She helps customers create new offers in our application, informs them about new products offered by our company. She has extensive experience from Danone company, where she worked as an Internal Service Specialist.



Dima has extensive experience in computer programming, including two years working with the Flutter framework. He can write crystal clear code and create maintainable application architecture. He is familiar with many third-party libraries, REST APIs, and several Firebase services. As our lead developer, he is constantly improving the Uneeqly application and making sure it works as it should 24/7.



Anna's role as a sales representative involves acquiring new clients. She has a wealth of experience in both direct sales and call centre. Her experience as a call virtual assistant has given her very good communication skills and great business reasoning is her second self.

External consultants

Anna Komeiserová

Legal advice

For almost 20 years, Anna has been providing especially small and medium-sized companies with legal advice in the field of business law and helping them not to "drown" in legal terminology. At Uneeqly, she keeps a close eye on making sure we follow the right legal direction both in relation to our customers and within the company.

Richard Stiebitz

Marketing specialist

He has worked in the creative industry for many years. At Uneeqly, he takes care of creative strategy and marketing. He believes that technology will make it possible to enrich the offer with other unexpected spaces. Uneeqly just opens such a space.