So that you don't miss customers

Uneeqly is a platform for digital loyalty programs that will help you build a direct relationship with customers, even those who do not yet know you.

Possibilities of connecting supply and demand

We will deliver your offers to customers directly to their mobile phone. You can inspire them to buy or offer bonuses and experiences. You will reach all customers, including those who are currently in your area.

How does the app work?

With Uneeqly you get

Loyalty programs for your customers in a few clicks

We will connect you with customers and you can create limited offers for them, or build a loyalty program with a minimum of costs and without obligations.

Accurate targeting without complex campaigns

The offers you display in Uneeqly will be immediately displayed in the application to the fans of your establishment without additional fees.

Smart data on your side

With Uneeqly, you always have an overview of the success of the event or offer in the client section and you will receive valuable information from your loyalty program.

Automated social networks

All your offers, news or events that you display at Uneeqly will be posted on social networks, so you don't have to spend time coming up with posts.

Safety first

Absolute security of personal data! Thanks to the power of the blockchain, you can be sure of credibility with Uneeqly.

Nature without plastic

Save nature - end up with paper flyers and plastic cards.

Harness the power of mobile marketing

Just download the Uneeqly app and you get a tool that only large companies can afford.

Now for the price of 390 CZK per month excluding VAT + FREE test month without obligations.

Price list

790 CZK without VAT

Trial version of the service – first month free. After that, CZK 790 monthly.

Increase the value of your brand with customers

Reach all customers looking for your services at the right time without high marketing costs.

Reach potential customers looking for your services in the area

Customers are looking for value-added shops or services in Uneeqly. Do you offer a free coffee dessert today? Do you organize an adventure event, autograph session or vernissage? This is a good reason to quickly reach customers through our applications.

Uneeqly eliminates the cost of implementing a loyalty program

Running a loyalty program is an expensive matter. From the cost of the system itself, through the printing of plastic cards or registration forms and their transcription into the system, to the time of service spent with the customer filling out the registration form, which could be devoted to sales.

Unique customer ID

Each customer has their own unique code to prove themselves when paying, and the privacy of personal information is preserved on both sides.

We will save you time

At Uneeqly, you accept issued coupons simply by reading the QR code on the customer’s phone. An overview and evaluation of the success of your offers and events is available in the client section. Create an account within 5 minutes, issue an offer or loyalty program within 3 minutes.


Get your own loyalty program in a few clicks and build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Now for the price of 390 CZK per month excluding VAT + FREE test month without obligations.