So that you don't miss the experiences, bonuses and discounts

Do you want to have the best experiences on hand every day? Try the unique Uneeq mobile app. Register and show the unique QR code to use the bonuses.
Take advantage of loyalty programs or get discounts on great experiences – workouts in the fitness center, tastings in a design patisserie, a sip of regional beer, a discounted boat trip, a shard of glassmaking history or regional cards / passports.
With Uneeqly you get experiences and discounts not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the Euroregion ELBE / LABE – Saxony and Dresden. Visit, for example, the Museum of Hygiene, Cinderella’s Baroque Castle Moritzburg, the amusement park OSKARSHAUSEN and many more. Experiences and great entrepreneurs will also appear in Pilsen, the Ústí nad Labem and Liberec regions, and other places are increasing every day.

How does the app work?

Be in an advantage with Uneeqly

Look for experiences

wherever you are

Find out what's going on

at your favorite businesses

Get rewarded

for each of your purchases

Tailor-made content

Choose your offer according to your interests and lifestyle.

Make the most of Uneeqly where you are

Current offers in your area, even at merchants you have not yet discovered.

Everything digitally and at hand

With the application you get a complete digital offer of current bonuses, coupons or loyalty cards. You can now get rid of plastic loyalty cards.

Simple reports

With Uneeqly you will always be clear about how many loyalty programs you use, when and where you can apply for a discount, or how many points you have earned.

Data security

Absolute security of your personal data! Thanks to the anonymized ID, you do not share your personal data with the merchant or Uneeqly.

Consideration for nature

Save nature - end up with paper flyers and plastic cards.

Are you missing your favorite business in Uneeqly?

Tell us and we will reward you both.

Experiences and bonuses always in your pocket

Just download the Uneeqly app and get the most out of every day

News from your favorite businesses

Put your favorite traders in your favorites and get the latest information from them directly to Uneeqly. And if you want, you can remove them again anytime.

Collect rewards with every purchase

Tired of eternally filling out registration forms for loyalty programs and a wallet or an application full of cards? Are you losing stamp cards before you can fill them out? Try it smart with Uneeqly.

Help small business owners

Large stores print leaflets, small ones use Uneeqly. By using it, you help small businesses in your neighborhood. You will save money and at the same time you can now support someone who has had a really difficult time over the last year.


Discounts, bonuses, promotions and experiences in one place

Always find something extra! Immediate offers of shops and services for experiences are always conveniently in your pocket